Bad Beat Jackpot - BEING REPLACED!

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Bad Beat Jackpot - BEING REPLACED!

Postby G MANC POKER TEAM » Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:17 am

***Cash Game News***

*Coming Soon*

For the previous few months we have operated a Bad Beat Jackpot across our NLH games which was also available at the other regional poker rooms and across all levels of game, from 25p/25p cash games up to £1/£2 NLH games.

We are now going to be replacing this with a regional Royal Flush Jackpot which will also be available at all clubs across the NW but this time we will be offering 2 separate jackpots, one will be for the low stakes - 25p/25p, 25p/50p and 50p/£1 games and the other jackpot will specifically for the mid-stakes ,£1/£1 and £1/£2 NLH cash players.

The promotion will be technically the same however the players who are contributing 50p's from pots totaling £20 or more on the low stakes tables will only be able to win money from the low stakes jackpot pool and vice-versa as the players who will contribute 50p from pots totaling £20 or more on the mid-stakes, £1/£1 and above games, will only be eligible to win money from their own mid-stakes jackpot.

This creates a much more balanced regional promotion as players playing at a both limits have their own jackpot which cannot be touched by the lower or higher staked players, something which we know our players want.

Having the jackpot regionally among the same level of players whether it be low stakes or mid-stakes will help us to ensure that the jackpots are increasing at a very reasonable rate allowing for players to be picking up regular large payments when hitting either Straight Flushes or Royal Flushes.

Look out for our new Low Stakes Poker cash game feature
here at Grosvenor Casino Manchester coming soon to coincide with our regional Royal Flush Jackpot launch..


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