Poker Payer Faces jail in Fraud Case

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Poker Payer Faces jail in Fraud Case

Postby The Fox » Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:44 pm

Waheed Rafiq, from Worcester, told to pay £33,814 after serving jail sentence for bogus insurance claim

Waheed Rafiq - also known as Samir Khan - who was jailed in a "cash for crash" swindle. He received twelve months after pleading guilty to a money laundering offence.

A 47-year-old Worcester poker player who was jailed in a "cash for crash" swindle had been ordered to pay back money he made or face a prison sentence.

Waheed Rafiq made a total of over £46,000 from a bogus insurance fraud he set up in 2011, a confiscation hearing at Worcester Crown Court heard.

He picked up £21,720 from a bogus claim which followed a taxi in a minor collision with a police car in 2011, Stefan Kolodynski told the hearing.

The taxi was carrying four school boys and the driver took them to Rafiq's company, Sylla Accident Management and Solutions. He made a claim on their behalf without their knowledge for personal injuries and was paid out by the insurance company.

He was jailed for twelve months after pleading guilty to a money laundering offence and a proceeds of crime application was prepared by financial investigators. Mr Kolodynski told the court that the rest of the criminal benefits had been assessed from "lifestyle assumptions" including the payment of several cheques totalling £24,758.

Marie De Redman, appearing for Rafiq, agreed to the overall amount but Rafiq had no assets. He argued that his family home in Canterbury Road, Ronkswood, Worcester, was solely in his wife's name.

"The property is not available to him now," Miss De Redman said.

But Mr Kolodynski said Rafiq had been living in the house since 2003 and had bought it under a right to buy scheme from Worcester council in 2008. It was remortgaged and put into the name of his wife, who was not prosecuted for any criminal activity, in March, 2011, three months before Rafiq set up his company.

Mr Koldynski told the hearing it was a "tainted gift" made to hide his assets because he knew he was about to embark on a fraud.

He still lived in the house with his wife and four children and he retained a legal interest in the family home.

Rafiq told the hearing he had not made a contribution to the finances of the house and it had been remortgaged legitimately, partly to pay off a debt for a Mercedes car. Questioned by Mr Kolodysnki, he admitted that he had changed his name by deed poll to Samir Khan because he played a lot of poker and had planned to travel to America to take part in a world series under the name. He thought that his previous convictions for dishonesty would prevent him getting a visa under his name of Waheed Rafiq, which he has now adopted again.

Recorder Sandra Bristoll said Rafiq had run a "cash for crash" scheme and the name change and other activities made him an unreliable witness. She ruled that the house could still be considered part of his assets.

The court heard the current market value was £140,000 and he was ordered to repay half the equity, a total of £33,814, within three months or he faces a jail sentence of twelve months. He can request an extension for a further three months if requested.

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Re: Poker Payer Faces jail in Fraud Case

Postby NWAP » Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:47 am

Why was I not surprised this person is Asian, are they all scammers and anglers in the poker world?

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